Flat Patty

About Flat Patty

Flat Patty is taken from the “Flat Stanley” project that has taken over tons of classrooms, based on the wonderful book Flat Stanley by Jeff Brown.

Flat Patty is our new “mascot”, (RIP Charlie!), and is being sent to fans in cities all over to help promote, and spread the love for our beloved Patty Loveless. We happen to think she’s pretty rad.

Check in often to see how many miles she’s logged, the new fans she makes, what she did in each town, and of course – what fans she’s visiting!


Flat Patty just got back to New Orleans after a visit to Chicago with Cheryl! Cheryl has sent in some great photos:

Flat Patty at New Orleans airport, wondering if anyone there has got music?

Of course they “got music” in New Orleans, Flat Patty found a little cajun band to pass the time at the airport.

While eating at a restaurant in Chicago, Flat Patty noticed above the booths an array of old instruments. It reminded her so much of Mountain Soul 2, that she wished she could have climbed up onto the booths to check them out more thoroughly. However, that didn’t seem like a good idea and there wasn’t a ladder around.

While in Lombard, right outside of Chicago, Flat Patty found time to relax around a waterfall and even found a group of Spanish guitar players to enjoy!

And, since it is one of my favorites, Flat Patty had to do another photo op for “Up Against My Heart”

Since, we have been into license plates, guess who’s plates there are? Yep, it the trailer on our girl’s bus. Flat Patty is getting close to SHOWTIME!

Flat Patty arrives at the music school for the show! And what an AWESOME show it was.

Flat Patty on her way back to New Orleans!

Flat Patty would like everyone to “Imagine” that we could all coexist. Peace:)

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