Flat Patty

About Flat Patty

Flat Patty is taken from the “Flat Stanley” project that has taken over tons of classrooms, based on the wonderful book Flat Stanley by Jeff Brown.

Flat Patty is our new “mascot”, (RIP Charlie!), and is being sent to fans in cities all over to help promote, and spread the love for our beloved Patty Loveless. We happen to think she’s pretty rad.

Check in often to see how many miles she’s logged, the new fans she makes, what she did in each town, and of course – what fans she’s visiting!

Archive: September, 2010

Baltimore, MD

Wednesday, September 22nd, 2010

Flat Patty has made her arrival in Baltimore, Maryland! She is spending a day relaxing before being shuttled off to Alexandria,VA! But, in the meantime, she is making new fans — of all kinds!

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