Flat Patty

About Flat Patty

Flat Patty is taken from the “Flat Stanley” project that has taken over tons of classrooms, based on the wonderful book Flat Stanley by Jeff Brown.

Flat Patty is our new “mascot”, (RIP Charlie!), and is being sent to fans in cities all over to help promote, and spread the love for our beloved Patty Loveless. We happen to think she’s pretty rad.

Check in often to see how many miles she’s logged, the new fans she makes, what she did in each town, and of course – what fans she’s visiting!

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New Orleans

Wednesday, October 27th, 2010

Flat Patty spent the day checking out New Orleans on Friday with Cheryl….

She heads to Atlanta next Wednesday for Patty’s DRIVE4COPD Show next Thursday and then off Missouri and Texas – busy schedule ahead : )

Flat Patty and Cheryl finally got to play tourist around New Orleans. They started with a walk in the French Quarter and ended up at a place that plays VooDoo blues. Seems like “The Color Of The Blues” is red in VooDoo land. Flat Patty is learning some “Wicked Ways” Yikes, I know she has already put a spell on us all.

Flat Patty went into the casino and found a hex breaker in case anyone wants to be released from her spell. I don’t!

Flat Patty ran into the Gambler. She placed a few bets and actually won some money. The Gambler made a pass at Flat Patty but she told him, “I Won’t Gamble With Your Love”
so, Flat Patty simply turned and walked away….

Flat Patty and Cheryl were getting hungry by now. They passed Central Grocery which is the home of the muffuletta but decided on some seafood instead, so they went to Deanie’s…

No, not that Deanie’s..Deanie’s seafood in New Orleans. The best seafood in town.

Flat Patty arrived a bit too early for lunch, so they killed some time next door and checked out some of the favorite local food.

We ordered a Corona while we waited for lunch. And yes, it was cold against her hand.

The seafood platter was placed on the table. Flat Patty said I “Can’t Get Enough”! Cheryl had to tell Flatt Patty that “You Don’t Get No More” cause “After All” you can’t eat all that.

What’s a visit to New Orleans without a cemetary tour. Flat Patty visited the memorial tomb of the Confederate soldiers.

The Confederate memorial tomb holds 600 “Old Souls” who were never identified. Flat Patty stood and reflected on these “Old Souls”

Flat Patty also saw a “Sorrowful Angel” praying for her loved ones.

Flat Patty couldn’t believe it when she saw a new dug grave with a spade lying by in the cemetary.
(It was really perpetual care being done on the gravesite) I didn’t dig up a grave.

And where else but in New Orleans will you find a tomb adorned with Mardi Gras beads. Flat Patty said “Someday I Will Lead The Parade” for Mardi Gras in New Orleans! Cheryl hopes so…..


Friday, April 23rd, 2010

Flat Patty is spending time with PLN’er Alayna in Missouri this week! Aside from spending some time on the MSU campus, she’s also been helping Alayna with some of her school work, and converting the Pet Turtle into a Patty Fan! ;)

Check out a few of the pics Alayna has sent in from the MSU campus. Be sure to check back tomorrow for some more— and for the unveiling of Flat Patty’s new blog! No worries, all the entries will carry over to the new blog. Flat Patty’s become quite a hit and fans are logging in daily to see what she’s up to, so we’re going to move her to a hosted blog where it’s not taking from PLN’s bandwith :-) (And then will allow fans to post directly to the blog if they’d like during Flat Patty’s stay!)

The Listening Room!

Wednesday, March 24th, 2010

Flat Patty had the chance to catch a show at The Listening Room in Nashville, TN recently….and not just any show, she was able to catch former PL Band Member (whose massively adored by many PL fans!), Marcia Ramirez!   Flat Patty  stole the show not long after arriving,  and the emcee for the night completely fell in love with her!  And, she even had a glass of wine bought for her…. (yes, red)!! Flat Patty is really a hit everywhere she goes— everyone really DOES love Patty :-)

She made some new fans, but was able to break away from the mob that was crazy about her to sit back and enjoy a lot of great music, before getting to send some love to Marcia before the night was over.

Note Flat Patty is still proudly boasting her “DRIVE4COPD” pin, to not only help spread the PL Gospel, but to help promote Drive4COPD.com!


Thursday, March 18th, 2010

Look who was in the mail today! Kathy and Kelly sent Flat Patty back sporting her brand new Florida Gators sweatshirt and DRIVE4COPD pin!

Flat Patty is back in Nashville, TN for a quick couple days before heading out to the next fan! She was welcomed by Blue, (who was named by an 11 year old who pulled the lyric from “Crazy Arms”, of course!), who was showing his affection for Patty….

Flat Patty is in Nashville in time to hit a couple shows, one being to show her support for Former PL Band Member, Marcia Ramirez!  Be sure to check back for photos from FP’s first “show” in Nashville this weekend!

Strawberry Festival!

Monday, March 15th, 2010

Flat Patty had a successful weekend in Tampa & Plant City- making new fans, and visiting a bunch of new places, and spending time with Kelly, Kathy & Kathy’s brother and sister-in-law, Jeff & Kathy! Among the places Flat Patty visited Saturday were the campus of University of Tampa- with it’s incredible Russian architecture. She also stopped by Jose Gaspar’s pirate ship, which invades Tampa every year with Ye Mistic Crue. And then of course, the Strawberry Festival where Flat Patty was adorned with a DRIVE4COPD pin to help raise awareness (I don’t think we’ve plugged this enough— Flat Patty encourages you to take the screener at www.drive4copd.com, and vote for Patty!) for COPD.

Flat Patty also took some time out of her busy promotional tour to visit with our Queen Bee, Patty herself, who is hoping she isn’t “as flat” as Flat Patty! She also stopped and chatted with Garry Murray before he hopped on the bus to head back to Nashville.

Flat Patty will sadly be leaving Florida on Tuesday- and will definitely miss Kathy & Kelly (but will see them again later this year for sure!)- and getting ready for her next trip!


Tuesday, March 9th, 2010

Flat Patty started her travels in Nashville, TN on March 7th.  She made some new fans when walking around the Parthenon, and went by the Ryman, where our girl has played so many times. My sweet super duper cute nephew took wonderful care of her and showed her to all the other kids, and was sure to include her in his photo with the big train.

Last on the trip was a stop to the Country Music Hall of Fame– where Patty Loveless will one day be inducted! (And that’s not my biased opinion, it’s a fact!)



Monday, March 8th, 2010

Welcome to Flat Patty’s Blog!

FP started her travels today, March 7th, in Nashville, TN. Photos from her day will be uploaded as soon as we get the blog set up completely!

She leaves tomorrow for Florida, and we can’t wait to hear about her travels!


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