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Happy Birthday Patty!
Posted on 04 Jan 2015

Posted by by cole / discuss

Loveless on Presley's Debut Album
Posted on 22 Oct 2014
Angaleena Presley‘s new debut album, ‘American Middle Class,’ is a dream come true for multiple reasons, including a duet with one of her lifelong musical heroes. The songstress is joined by Patty Loveless on the title cut of the record.

“I grew up loving her. We met through Miranda [Lambert],” Presley tells Billboard. “They had toured together in Switzerland. She came out to a Pistol Annies show in Atlanta, and we clicked instantly - like we were kindred spirits.”

The 38-year-old recalls the moment Loveless agreed to sing on ‘American Middle Class.’

“I was at her house one weekend, cooking and singing, and I played her the rough of the record,” Presley shares. “She gravitated toward ‘American Middle Class.’ She said it was kind of a modern-day ‘Coal Miner’s Daughter.’ I asked her to sing on it, and she did. It’s my story of how I grew up right at poverty’s door. We were going to fake it ’til we make it.”

‘American Middle Class’ is available now through iTunes and Amazon.

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Patty featured on Angaleena Presley Solo Record
Posted on 01 Jul 2014
Angaleena Presley has revealed the details for her upcoming solo album

The singer-songwriter, who is best-known to many as one-third of the Platinum-selling Pistol Annies, is set to release ‘American Middle Class’ in October.

Presley wrote five of the album’s 12 tracks, and co-wrote the other seven with a Who’s Who of Nashville’s top songwriters, including Lori McKenna, Mark D. Sanders, Matraca Berg, Sarah Siskind, Bob DiPiero, Luke Laird and Barry Dean. She co-produced the project with her husband, Jordan Powell.

The album is a concept record along the lines of Wille Nelson‘s classic ‘Red Headed Stranger.’

“It’s like my autobiography each of the songs is a chapter of my life. I’ve literally lived every minute of this record,” Presley states in a press release. “My mama ain’t none too happy about me spreading my business around, but I have to do it. It’s the experience of my life from birth to now.”

Presley worked with a wide range of Nashville’s most respected players for the album, and also drafted a top slate of guest vocalists, including Patty Loveless, Chris Stapleton, Emily Saliers from the Indigo Girls and even her father, Jimmy Presley, who opens the title track with a personal narrative.

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Patty at the Opry
Posted on 05 Mar 2014
Patty will be playing the Grand Ole Opry on March 28th and 29th. Tickets can be purchased at the Opry's website.

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Country Weekly Mention
Posted on 02 Mar 2014
Country Weekly did a super brief mention on the Country Music Cruise in their current issue, which did not include much of a write up on the shows, but did include a few photos from the event.

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